Degree Changes

Degree Changes

Teacher Degree Changes

For teacher's obtaining a higher degree you must supply the Human Resource Department with official transcripts from your university with your new degree posted on them by the deadline's listed below.

Some universities take some time to post degrees on transcripts, if this is the case you may have them write a letter stating that you have completed all requirements of the degree. We will accept this to hold the effective date of the change in pay, however, you still need to have the official transcripts sent in order for us to official change your pay.

Deadline for submission:

November 1st for First Semester
March 1st for Second Semester



There is no deadline for Administrators to submit their degree changes to the Human Resources Department.  Once the new degree is posted on your transcripts, have you university send to Human Resources official transcripts with the new degree on them.  Your pay change will take effect when the degree change is received.