Middle School Math: CMP3

In June of 2013,  CMP3 or Connected Mathematics Project, third edition, was adopted by the CVS Board of Education to increase rigor and provide a comprehensive Middle School Mathematics program.  CMP3 is designed to address the Michigan mathematical standards, build on the skills our students have learned in the elementary Bridges program, and ensure all students can be successful in Algebra I and Algebra II.  

CMP is a problem-centered math curriculum developed by Michigan State University. Problem-centered means that mathematical concepts are embedded in interesting problems. As students explore a series of connected problems, they develop understanding of the embedded ideas. With the aid of the teacher, students abstract powerful mathematical ideas, skills, and problem-solving strategies. CMP students are developing mathematical habits of mind: solving problems, reflecting on solution methods, examining why the methods work, comparing methods, generalizing methods, and relating methods to those used in previous situations.

Below is the short video that provides a glimpse into the exciting world of a middle school mathematics classroom in Chippewa Valley Schools. 

Visit the MSU site for more information on CMP3