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A recent survey of over 1,300 Chippewa Valley parents on the issue of student mental health indicated a strong need for enhanced school-based supports and better access to mental health services for students.

Therefore, the district is partnering with Ulliance, a trusted provider that specializes in services to help keep students emotionally and physically fit, while supporting parents along the way.  They specialize in K-12 school districts offering short-term mental health services, including their 1-5 session ‘Student Life Well-being Program’.

This no-cost program will offer counseling services beginning January 1, 2023, for students and support for parents. Services, including a 24-hour crisis phone line, will be offered by state-licensed counselors free of charge, and can be accessed via phone, in-person, or secure video. All counseling services are offered independently from CVS and will take place after school hours for our students. You can also visit their website at


Hotline: 1-800-448-8326

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