Below is a list of some quick resources that parents and teachers may want to utilize to support their student/child.

Parenting Books

Parenting with Love and Logic, James Fay & Foster Cline

The Strong Willed Child, Mackenzie

How to talk so Kids will Listen, How to Listen so Kids Will talk, A. Faber

1-2-3 Magic, Phelan

Web Sites Information regarding autism and Aspergers syndrome. Information regarding learning disabilities. Information on how to deal with emergencies and catastrophic events. Support group for children and adults with attention deficit disorder. Agency that provides prevention programs, information and referral services and evaluation of alcohol and other drug abuse problems. (586) 541-0033. A link that provides behavioral intervention and behavioral support to educators. Schools are important environments in which children, families, educators, and community members have opportunities to learn, teach, and grow. Trouble with teens focuses on a number of various resources for teens in trouble and their parents. National Clearing house for Alcohol and Drug Information provide useful information on how to stay safe, resist peer pressure and help friends. Support for kids who need academic support. Support for kids with learning disabilities.

Sand Castles

(313) 874-6881. Sand Castles is a grief support program for children and families who have experienced the death of a family member, friend or other significant person.