Educational Services

Educational Services Department

Department Phone


Mr. Edward Skiba

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Dr. Donald Brosky

Executive Director of Elementary Education

Mr. Walter Kozlowski

Director of  Curriculum and Assessments 

Ms. Kimberly Voss 

Coordinator of Student Learning

Donna Jarvie

Curriculum Secretary 586-723-2026

Carrie Wyffels

Curriculum Secretary 586-723-2027

Scott Pitts

Director of Grant Support Services

Maria Chisholm

Facilitator of Special Grant Programs 723-2031

Mary Kay Jagello

Clerk IV 586-723-2225

Pupil Accounting
Department Phone: 586-723-2135  

Judy Pyszk, Pupil Accounting Coordinator
Michelle Latshaw, Pupil Accounting Clerk 586-723-2136

Lori Durkee, Coordinator 586-723-2024