School Social Worker

School Social Workers are professionals that receive special training to provide services to schools.


  • School Issues: such as grades, safety, self esteem, decision making, learning problems, separation anxiety, and peer relationships.
  • Family Difficulties: such as abuse or neglect, divorce or separation, serious illness or death.
  • Community Problems: such as violence, alcohol use, homelessness or poverty.

School Social Workers are part of a team that helps each student be successful in school.


  • Classroom Interventions: Teachers may invite the school social worker to present a variety of topics to an entire class to assist with affective concerns (getting along with others, accepting differences, etc.)
  • Student Support Manager: When a student is having academic, behavioral, or emotional difficulties in school the parent or the teacher may request a Student Support Team meeting. At this meeting parents, teachers, and support staff sit down together to discuss the strengths and the needs of the individual student and devise strategies to help the student become more successful. For instance, developing Functional Behavioral Assessments, Behavioral Intervention Plans, and Section 504 Plans.
  • Special Education Support: the school social worker is part of the multidisciplinary educational team that evaluates students for special education services and provides counseling or other support services to special education student as needed.
  • Support Groups: the school social worker offers various support groups depending on students needs. Support groups could center on topics such as divorce, grief, trauma, social skills, anger management, coping skills, conflict resolution, or friendships. Parent permission is required for students to attend any of these pullout style groups.
  • Crisis Intervention: One-on-one crisis counseling is available for students dealing with a crisis situation including death, violence, suicide, and abandonment. School social workers are on the school crisis team that intervenes at a school or classroom level in case of crisis.

School Social Workers are a link between school, parents, and the community.


  • Resources and Referrals: School social workers have knowledge of community services and agencies to meet a wide variety of needs.
  • Parents Support: the school social worker is available to meet with parents to discuss adjustment, school anxiety, family or parenting concerns.
  • School-Wide Culture: The school social worker assists with developing and building a positive school-wide culture of safety, acceptance, and understanding among students, staff, and parents. Including Positive Behavioral Support (PBS).