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1701 MARKETING 1 (1 hr) Gr 10-12 0.5 credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: None. Marketing 1 introduces students to the fundamental principles of marketing. Topics include the foundations and functions of marketing, selling, promotion, social media, Entrepreneurship, risk management, operations, strategic market planning, and a major emphasis on Economics. Marketing 1 will set the stage for further study of marketing, encourage students to think critically about the business world, prepare students for participation in DECA activities, introduce students to the real world of work, and help them prepare for a marketing related career. Students will be introduced to the operation of the school-based enterprise where they will gain hands-on experience. It is strongly recommended that students sign up for Marketing 2 (second semester) to be eligible for Marketing 3 in their senior year.
1702 MARKETING 2 (1 hr) * Gr 10-12 0.5 credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: Marketing 1 (this course is a continuation of Marketing 1).
Marketing 2 is a continuation of Marketing 1 to reinforce and build upon students’ knowledge of marketing. Topics include pricing, financial analysis, channel management, marketing information management, product service planning, human resources, management, and careers in marketing. Students will be involved in the buying activities that are associated with the school-based enterprise. Marketing 1 and 2 are essential for students who plan on studying marketing or business in college. It is strongly recommended that students sign up for Marketing 2 (second semester) to be eligible for Marketing 3 in their senior year.
1715/1716 MARKETING 3A/3B BC - School Store-General Merchandising (2 hr) * Gr 11-12 1.0/1.0 credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: Marketing 1, Marketing 2 with 2.0 or higher and teacher/administrative recommendation.
This is a two-hour block class that prepares students to apply skills and concepts learned in Marketing 1 and 2 in a variety of project-based learning experiences. Students will use higher-order thinking skills and develop key competencies in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Students will have the opportunity to operate the school based enterprise. Students will be encouraged to compete in DECA written events. Students will be expected to participate in leadership opportunities within the school, including mentoring, charity initiatives, and partnering with area businesses in collaborative projects. Topic areas emphasized include: management, operations, math fundamentals, interpreting numbers, maintaining financial records, sales, selecting and displaying merchandise, promotion, product service planning, marketing information management, project and time management, business ethics, and human relations. If you are independently motivated and want to put into ACTION what you have learned then this is the class for you. This course has been approved to meet the MMC senior year math-related credit requirement.
1730 ENTREPRENEURSHIP (1 hr) Gr 10-12 0.5 credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: None. (Offered at Dakota High Only) 
Have you ever thought about opening your own business? Do you have what it takes to be your own boss? If so, this class is for you. This course prepares students to carry out the entrepreneurial process and experience the entrepreneurial spirit. Students will develop an innovative idea, conduct a feasibility analysis, and write a business plan. Course activities will be focused on developing the student’s communication skills, initiative, creativity, flexibility, and problem solving techniques. While entrepreneurship education is tailored for future small business owners, it prepares all students for the workforce of tomorrow. Entrepreneurship students are eligible to join and get involved in DECA. Entrepreneurship is an excellent course to accompany the study of Marketing. It is also an appropriate course for students who are not enrolled in the Business program but still have an interest in what it takes to start a business. Note that students wishing to complete a course of study in the Business Management Pathway should enroll in the course called Business Management and Technology 1A/1B that completes a two-course sequence program of study in Business Management found in the Business section of this course book.
9191/9192 MARKETING INTERNSHIP 1 / 2 ​
9191/9192 MARKETING INTERNSHIP 1/2 (2 hr) 9193/9194
MARKETING INTERNSHIP 1A/1B (1 hr) Gr 12 1.0/1.0 (2 hr) or 0.5/0.5 (1 hr) credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: Teacher recommendation; must be concurrently enrolled in one related marketing course each semester during the students' senior year.
This course provides the opportunity for senior-level students to gain a paid “on-the-job” work experience in the career area of their choice. An Individual Educational Training Plan and Training Agreement are developed for each student-trainee detailing his/her specific learning activities. This course may be taken for one or two hours. Student wages are equivalent to those earned by other trainees in that particular occupation. Note: A student who chooses the Internship course for either one or two hours is expected to meet 200 hours of work per semester. World Language Credit: Students may replace one credit of World Language with one credit of CTE when CTE is taken as a second (or additional) VPAA credit. Note: These CTE courses may fulfill the one credit of Visual, Performing, Applied Arts graduation requirement. (Two .5 or one 1.00 CTE courses are required for the successful completion to meet this requirement.) * Articulation Agreement: Eligible students could qualify for tuition-free (articulated) credits at Macomb Community College, Oakland Community College, Henry Ford Community College and Baker College.
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Get involved with DECA, an association of marketing students who compete at local, state, and national levels. Open to all students enrolled in a marketing class.
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