Promoting Positive Parenting

What YOU SAY can positively affect your child’s success in school and in life. Research shows that parenting with a GROWTH MINDSET better ensures your child’s success in school, sports and life! Giving children specific praise for their effort, perseverance and practice can greatly improve their achievement.  Please see the chart below for growth mindset phrases to use with your child.

Ways to Praise Children Using the Growth Mindset

1. You tried really hard on that.
2. You never gave up.
3. You have such a positive attitude.                                                             
4. You really improved on __ because you __.
5. What a creative solution to that problem!
6. I love how you took responsibility for that!
7. I like the way you are doing __.
8. I admire the way you __.
9. You really handled that situation well because __.
10. It was very brave of you to try __.
11. I know I can trust you because __.
12. I am proud of you for spending so much time studying.
13. I appreciate how helpful you were when you __.
14. I like how you really focused on your work.
15. I can tell you tried your best because __.
16. You are not afraid of a challenge! I like that!
17. You thought of that all by yourself!
18. You remembered to (specific skill)! Great thinking!
19. I am so proud that you made that choice!
20. Your effort really paid off!

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Instead of : Say this:
 Wow, you make it look easy!  Your practice is paying off.
 You keep making mistakes.          I really like how you learned from your mistakes.
 Would you make up your mind and get this done.  I like how you kept trying new ways to get there.
 You need to learn to do this by yourself.

 You tried hard. Then you asked a friend for help with building the plane. Great!

 You are so smart!  I like how you put so much effort into figuring out how  to solve the problem.
 You are a natural artist.                 Wow! How did you learn to draw so well?
 We should pick something  easier for you to do.  This is challenging.  It takes a lot of practice to get it right.  So after this project you will be better at it.
 You will never learn to swim.  It might take a little while, but if you put in the time and  effort I bet you can learn to swim.



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