Snow Days

Snow Days

Winter weather has arrived and that can mean the potential for inclement weather and school closings. 

When considering the need to close schools the safety of our students is always our first concern.  Here are just a few of the things we consider in our decision-making:

  • Information on local road conditions in our district as reported by our transportation department.

  • The amount of snow and ice that has accumulated and whether or not that precipitation is expected to continue throughout the day.

  • Parking lot conditions throughout the district.

  • Building conditions – Whether or not we have electricity and heat.

  • Temperature and wind chill readings for walking students or those waiting at bus stops. Typically, we start talking about closing at wind chills of -20 or greater..

  • Weather predictions that warn us of inclement weather dangers.

As soon as the decision to close schools is made, a robocall is sent out to all main contact phone numbers for our students (please check your Parent Portal account to ensure we have the correct information) and staff.  Our district website is also updated.

Local television and radio stations are also notified, including channels 2, 4, and 7.

We also want parents to know that we try and make the decision to close schools as early as possible, given the information we have at the time. However, sometimes changing weather conditions or weather events that occur overnight prevent us from making that decision in advance.  We want to remain open whenever possible because we believe the best place for our students to be is in school and learning.

On cold days please make sure children leave the house with the appropriate apparel for cold weather: hats, gloves, scarves, and layers.