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Annual PTO~Support Group Application 

Annual PTO~Support Group District Expectations

Building Use Form Fillable (Facilities/Grounds)

Cash Box Tracking Form Fillable 

Casual Worker Form Fillable

Check Request / Reimbursement Request Form - Internal Fillable

Classroom Purchase Request Form - Filliable (New as of 7-13-2023)

This form is to be filled out before the purchase of an item(s) to determine if PTO funds can be used to pay for the approved purchase(s).

District Check Request Fillable (Updated 6/6/2023) 

Deposit Payment Log (Deposit Payment Mgmt Detail) Fillable                                         Use with Deposit Notice Form 

Deposit Notice Form  

Payment Collection Form Fillable 

PTO Donation Request Form (New) Fillable

Monthly Reporting Checklist

Monthly Self-Assessment Fillable 

Raffle License Application

Raffle Financial Statement

Raffle Ticket Accountability Form Fillable

Sales Tax Remittance Form 

Ticket Reconciliation Form Fillable

Vendor Application Fillable


Winner's Information Form  Fillable (Replaced Raffle Winner's Information Form)
(Must be completed when winnings are $600 or more by one individual in a single or multiple winnings).  Submit copy to CVS Business office.


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