The Business Office is responsible for all financial related activities of the District including: budgets, payroll, employee benefits, accounts payable, bookkeeping, investments, pupil accounting, food service, purchasing and warehouse operations. The Business Office is also responsible for overseeing the District's risk management coverage and the acquisition of property.

Budget Page


Mr. Scott Sederlund

Assistant Superintendent for Business & Operations
PHONE: (586) 723-2120
FAX: (586) 723-2128

Main Business Office

PHONE: (586) 723-2120
Marie Danford, Secretary


Danielle Jacobs, Director of Business Services
Cassie Gilley, Accounting/Finance Coordinator
Mary Stephenson, Bookkeeper
Laura Ziemianski, Bookkeeper
Laurie Stevenson, Business Services Coordinator
Charlene Staniec, Internal Auditor


PHONE: (586) 723-2140
Martha Luks,  Payroll/Benefit   Supervisor
Tony Sniezyk, Payroll/Benefit Coordinator
Nanette Parker, Payroll/Benefits   Specialist


PHONE: (586) 723-2140
Martha Luks,   Payroll/Benefit   Supervisor
Tony Sniezyk, Payroll/Benefit Coordinator
Nanette Parker, Payroll/Benefit   Specialist

Accounts Payable

PHONE: (586) 723-2130
Donna Harris, Clerk
Autumn Lancaster, Clerk