Chippewa Valley Virtual Academy

Welcome to the Chippewa Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA)

Chippewa Valley Schools is proud to announce that we will continue to provide an option in fall 2021 for students looking for a rigorous virtual opportunity for their education – the Chippewa Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA). 

This fall, CVS will be a 1:1 technology district so every CVVA student will receive a laptop device for at-home learning. Students learning at home will follow similar schedules to our students learning in person and will be welcome to participate in their home school events and activities.

Families electing to enroll in the CVVA will remain in the program for the entire academic year.

During the 2020-2021 school year, CVS had approximately 2,500 students enrolled in the program, and we anticipate it will continue to be a popular learning option for families.

What families can expect from the CVVA:

  • Online learning opportunities for students in grades K-12.
  • The same rigorous curriculum that is offered in our traditional buildings.
  • Courses taught by certified, highly qualified CVS teachers.
  • Courses housed in the Schoology platform.
  • Students enrolled in the CVVA will check out a district-owned laptop to support their learning. 
  • A combination of live and recorded lessons in addition to independent learning activities. Class days follow a traditional schedule and calendar with school starting September 7, 2021.
  • Parents can monitor progress through PowerSchool and seek input from teachers when needed.
  • Access to many classes offered in person at our buildings, although some courses that do not lend themselves to online learning/scheduling will not be available through the CVVA.
  • High School courses will be based on requests and will focus on our more traditional graduation requirements. 
  • We are not offering our hands-on Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes or upper-level CTE courses.
  • Traditional grading and assessments are based on the same standards used in our traditional buildings.
  • Access to academic counseling and other services available to all CVS students.

Learning at Home

Families choosing the CVVA should be able to provide a structured home learning environment. We find students who succeed in online learning:

  • Have a structure in place at home that mirrors a traditional class schedule.
  • Have adult support at home to provide guidance and assistance, especially with elementary-age children.
  • Work well independently.

CVVA Q & A for families

Registration Information

CVVA Final Enrollment Window Open Through August 16, 2021. 

Chippewa Valley Schools is providing a final opportunity for enrollment in the CVVA to provide interested students with a schedule that meets their needs and interests. Changes to registration cannot be accepted after the August 16th deadline to allow us to establish staffing and provide professional development for teachers. 

August 2021 CVVA Enrollment Requests


  • Families interested in registering a  student not already enrolled in the CVVA will log in to their Parent Portal account, click “Forms” on the left side of the screen, and then click the link, “CVVA August Registration 2021-22.” 
    • CVVA is a year-long commitment that requires a parent to sign up through the Parent Portal.  The form in Parent Portal asks for the parent to “agree” to many things, including the year-long commitment to CVVA. 
    • Once a family completes the commitment forms, entry into the CVVA will be determined based on space and available courses.  Commitment forms will be time stamped to ensure that students are placed in the program in the order in which they submitted their commitment forms. 
    • Parents and students should read and complete the form fully, and then click “submit” at the bottom right.  This will need to be done for each child you wish to enroll in the virtual academy.  Parents should see a “thank you” box pop up after submission.  Parents will also be able to log back in and see that the form has been completed.  

Interested in unenrolling from the CVVA?


  • If a family signed their children up for CVVA and now want in-person instruction, email indicating that they are no longer interested in CVVA and want in-person instruction for the 2021-22 school year. 

  • If a family signed up their child for CVVA, has requested an in-person schedule, and were told they are on a waiting list, they must send an email to to confirm that they still want an in-person schedule for their child/children for the 2021-22 school year. 

  • If a parent is not sure if they are in CVVA, on the list to opt out, etc. they should email  

  • Movement in and out of the CVVA will be based on when the requests were received and the space we have available.   

If you are new to the district or have a student entering Kindergarten, the student needs to be enrolled as a district student before you can commit to the CVVA. Begin the online enrollment process visit