District Crisis Team

District Crisis Coordinating Team (DCCT)


Thank you for visiting the Chippewa Valley Schools District Crisis Coordinating Team (DCCT) Web Page. This website is intended to provide school staff, parents, and community members with information designed to assist in dealing with crisis situations, and grief and loss issues.

The mission of Chippewa Valley Schools' DCCT is to support crisis response efforts. 

The DCCT is composed of Chippewa Valley Schools' psychologists, social workers, and counselors. The focus of efforts of the DCCT is the following:


  • Support to Chippewa Valley schools in dealing with crisis situation e.g., situation involving loss or trauma, such as a natural, accidental, or suicidal death of a student, parent, or staff member or a national disaster.

  • Create dissemination of information on topics related to crisis response and grief and loss.

  • Compile and disseminate information to assist with the revision of individual building crisis plans.

  • Compile and disseminate appropriate information (e.g., sample parent letters) to assist the ongoing operation of school crisis teams.

  • Assist in the aftermath of a crisis. Serve as a resource to debrief crisis teams following a crisis, if requested.