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Part 1: Hear from Medical Academy alumnus Taylor Brazelton, Clinical Nurse Specialist (class of 2006) about the impact this program had on her career development. Medical Academy students describe the hospital clinical experience, and instructor, Julie Zemnickas, describes the variety of careers for which this program has prepared hundreds of healthcare professionals.

Part 2: What is the Medical Academy? Hear from the Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Medical Academy teachers as they explain the collaboration and partnerships that make the Medical Academy what it is. Get advice from Dr. Trevor Pfaendtner (class of 2006), hear from Medical Academy students, and Latrese Smith from Henry Ford Macomb Hospital.



9263/9264 MEDICAL CAREERS 1A / ANATOMY IN HEALTH & DISEASE 1B (1 hr) * Gr 11 0.5/0.5 credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: None.
Are you interested in a career in the medical field? Come and explore your career options while learning many patient care skills, such as CPR, first aid, patient transport, temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and much more. This skill-based course offers medical terminology and anatomy and physiology relating to patient care. Upon completion of this course, students earn a .50 credit in Career and Technical Education and .50 credit in Anatomy in Health and Disease (science elective credit).
2125/2126 ENGLISH 11A/11B Gr 11 0.5/0.5 credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: Successful completion of English 10.
This Medical Academy English course will meet all of the eleventh grade English content standards in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This course is designed to provide students with the critical thinking, writing and research skills needed to succeed in any challenging post-secondary curriculum. Students will master a variety of writing formats including essays, research, creative and technical writing. Students will improve in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, and rhetoric. Technology will be utilized for instruction and presentations, both group and individual. Students will prepare for the Michigan Merit Exam by practicing specific test-taking strategies. This course is the REQUIRED companion English course for Medical Careers 1 students.
9273/9274 MEDICAL CAREERS 2A / ANATOMY IN HEALTH & DISEASE 2B (2 hr) * Gr 12 1.0/1.0 credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: Medical English 11A/B. Students need to have a minimum of 3.0 GPA in Medical Careers 1A/1B and English 11 or Medical English 11A/11B or AP English.
Students must apply and receive acceptance during their junior year to register for the senior level of the Medical Academy. This class is a continuation of Medical Careers I. The class will offer advanced patient-care skills and advanced theory focusing on the demand for multi-skilled workers in health care. A clinical component will also be offered to qualified students who meet department criteria. These students will gain additional hand-on instruction by spending class time at the McLaren Medical Center. Upon completion of this course students will earn 1.00 credit in Anatomy in Health and Disease (science elective) and 1.00 credit in Career and Technical Education.
2127/2128 ENGLISH 12A/12B Gr 12 0.5/0.5 credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: Students need to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in Medical Careers 1 and English 11A/11B or Medical English 11 A/B or AP English Language I/II.
Students must apply and receive acceptance during their junior year to register for the senior level of the Medical Academy. This Medical Academy English course meets the English Content Standards in reading, writing, speaking and listening in addition to meeting the on-line learning requirements for the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Students will develop critical reading, writing, research and analytical skills. This course includes tests, quizzes, writing assignments, individualized vocabulary and grammar study, discussion boards, projects and debates. This course’s content is rigorous and requires highly motivated, organized students who are able and willing to work independently. This course is the REQUIRED companion English course for Medical Careers 2 students.
9283/9284 MEDICAL CAREERS INTERNSHIP 1A/1B (1 hr) Gr 12 1.0/1.0 (2 hr) or 0.5/0.5 (1 hr) credit Prerequisite/Recommendation: Medical Careers 1A/1B, teacher recommendation and concurrently enrolled in Medical Careers 2A/2B.
Students may be placed in a health facility for which their skills and interest levels are appropriate. This course provides the opportunity for senior-level students to gain a paid "on-the-job" work experience in the medical field. An Individual Educational Training Plan and Training Agreement are developed for each student-trainee detailing his/her specific learning activities. This course may be taken for one or two hours. Student wages are equivalent to those earned by other trainees in that particular occupation. Note: A student who chooses the Internship course for either one or two hours is expected to meet 200 hours of work per semester.
World Language Credit: Students may replace one credit of World Language with one credit of CTE when CTE is taken as a second (or additional) VPAA credit.
Note: These CTE courses may fulfill the one credit of Visual, Performing, Applied Arts (VPAA) graduation requirement. (Two .5 or one 1.00 CTE courses are required for the successful completion to meet this requirement.)
*Articulation Agreement: Eligible students could qualify for tuition-free (articulated) credits at Macomb Community College, Oakland Community College, Washtenaw Community College, Henry Ford Community College or Baker College.
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