Red Rover/Absence Procedures


RED ROVER Absence Procedures

Click on the above link to view the district's Red Rover absence procedures. 

Attendance Guidelines

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Absence procedures:

Employees are expected to be at work regularly and on time.  Sick time is to be used for illness of the employee or care of an immediate family member who is ill.  A Family Medical Leave or a Family Care leave can be requested by contacting Human Resources. Absences can be placed online via Red Rover in Staff Links or on the Red Rover App.

Four Day Sick Absences (Clerical, Paraprofessionals and Support Employees):  These groups of employees are to submit medical documentation; or a reason in writing to Human Resources for more than three (3) consecutive sick days of absence no later than the day they return to work.  Medical documentation can be faxed to (586) 723-2091 or email to Carla Saavedraa Employees who do not comply with this expectation may be subject to progressive discipline.

Personal Business Days: Employees who accrue sick leave days may use up to eight (8) days of accumulated or credited sick leave annually when approved as Personal Business days and ten (10) for teachers and administrators.  Personal Business days must be requested one week in advance unless an emergency prevents this timely filing.  An employee will need to provide a reason in Red Roverwhen requesting more than three (3) consecutive Personal Business days.  Personal Business days may only be used for absences which require the presence of the employee at affairs that cannot be arranged or handled at a time other than during the regularly scheduled workday.

Emergency Personal Business (EPB) Days:  The use of personal business days when requested with less than seven days notice is considered an emergency (EPB). The reason for the PB may be of an emergency nature.  If it is determined the reason was not an emergency, the PB time will be disapproved and the absence will be unpaid.  Employees are required to enter a reason in Red Rover when requesting EPB.  If an employee needs to provide documentation, the request will be by email from their administrator.  If a reason is not provided or documentation is not provided when requested the personal business time may be disapproved and the absence will be unpaid. 

Employees who report an absence through the 1-800-AESOP telephone number must provide a reason by email to their administrator no later than the day they return to work.  Their administrator may request documentation by email.  If a reason is not provided by email or documentation is not provided when requested, the EPB time may be disapproved and the absence will be unpaid.

Unpaid Absences: Employees who are absent and do not have accrued sick/PB time must submit to Human Resources in writing a detailed explanation, with supporting documentation to request an unpaid leave of absence.  In addition, the employee is to report the absence in Red Rover. 

Reporting Absences in Red Rover: Employees are required to report all absences in Red Rover.  Hourly employees (with exception of hospitalization) are also required to report absences on the employee’s timesheet.  Absences should be reported in a timely manner, and no later than two (2) hours prior to the employee’s scheduled start time.

Employees should only call the substitute coordinator to report an absence after the required reporting time or in an emergency that does not allow the employees to call or report the absences in Red Rover.

Accountability: Employees will be held accountable for failure to report absences in Red Rover/Timesheet, in the required manner for sick/PB, EPB absences, excessive use of EPB, and off payroll absences that are not approved.  Failure to provide a reason with an emergency personal business request; request an unpaid leave of absence; or any recurring pattern of non-FMLA sick leave use and not reporting absences in Red Rover will be referred to Human Resources as they occur.

Funeral leave: Employees needing time off to plan and attend a funeral must enter their absence(s) in Red Rover and include the relationship of the deceased in the notes section of Red Rover.  If entering the absence by phone then the relationship of the deceased should be emailed to Debbie Neumann.