Non-homestead Millage Renewal 2024

On Tuesday, August 6, 2024, Chippewa Valley School residents will vote on one ballot proposal which is important to continuing the educational excellence that our families have come to expect from our district.

The Chippewa Valley Schools Operating Millage Renewal supports Career and Technical Education instructors, teachers, school safety officers, school counselors and additional school staff to help prepare all students for success and careers.

This millage renewal is NOT paid by homeowners, and is only paid by rental property owners, owners of second homes, commercial properties and businesses, and would:
  • Continue providing career-technical programs and hands-on learning opportunitiesCTE Engine Build Competition that prepare both college-bound and non-college bound students for in-demand careers, including in the skilled trades.

  • Support critical safety upgrades that help keep our students, our staff and our community safe.

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Fund mental health staff, school health services staff, food service workers and other school employees essential to student safety, student health and student achievement.


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