Cheyenne School Improvement News

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a planning tool designed to address student achievement and system needs identified through the school's Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA).

Additionally, the SIP provides a method for schools to address the school improvement planning requirements of Public Act 25 of the Revised School Code and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

The Chippewa Valley School District Plan is posted on, under the For Parents tab. Additional information about School Improvement Plans can be found on the Michigan Legislature website.

Cheyenne School Improvement Plan

Cheyenne is Accredited through NCA-AdvancED

At Cheyenne Elementary, we are always interested in maintaining high standards and service to our school community. Currently, Cheyenne is accredited through NCA-AdvancED.  In the spring of 2012, Cheyenne hosted an AdvanceED Quality Assurance Review (QAR) to evaluate the progress we have made in the area of continuous school improvement. The team visited classrooms and met with many groups of teachers, support staff, parents /community stakeholders, and even our students! We provided artifacts and examples of assessments and assessment data, our mission/vision/beliefs, resources, support systems and our commitment to continuous improvement. The QAR team was very impressed with our school environment, our mission and vision, and the dedication our staff demonstrates towards student success.

School improvement is a school-wide process so we would like to acknowledge our entire staff and students for making Cheyenne an excellent school.  Thank you for your hard work to make the visit successful.

Cheyenne's mission is a belief statement that guides all Cheyenne Community members (teachers, staff members, students and parents) in understanding what the school strives to achieve on a daily basis: The mission of Cheyenne Elementary is to develop independent learners by providing support and encouragement to meet the educational needs of children within a safe environment.

One of the visiting Quality Assurance Review (QAR) members was greeted by our friendly custodian, Mr. O.J. Forbis who has since retired. Mr. O.J. asked the QAR member what the word custodian meant. The QAR member replied, "I think it means to take care of something." Mr. O.J. replied, "The definition of custodian is a person who is entrusted with guarding or taking care of valuable valuable assets are the students of Cheyenne."  When the QAR member told our staff this, we couldn't help but feel pride in Mr. O.J. and our Cheyenne Community. We are in this business to take care of children and help make them successful. We are all like Mr. O.J.; we have valuable assets that we take care of...the many students of Cheyenne.