Student Drop Off / Pick Up:

As we continue to navigate through the busy Wyandot traffic, please pack your patience!  Students must exit cars at the drop off curb.  Do not have students exit your car anywhere besides our sidewalk, especially on the main street of Garfield!  Also, when students exit while stopped in our parking lot, it causes a large backup to the process.  Most importantly, this is not safe for your child.  It is also critical that cars do not use our bus loop/exit to leave our parking lot.  Busses need access to this, and it is not safe to have cars driving through preventing this traffic flow.  Please do your part to keep our students and staff safe at arrival and departures.

Parking Lot

Please take a minute to view our parking lot procedures for pick-up and drop off.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  The safety of our students is our number one priority. 


Student Email Accounts

Chippewa Valley Schools will be providing each student with an email account for school use.  Please review the following document for more details.  Click here.