Relay for Life 

Relay for Life is a 7th grade club that raises money for the American Cancer Society. Relay hosts a variety of fundraisers, both in and out of school, and ends the year by attending the all day & night county Relay for Life event in May.

Relay for Life members are expected to attend in-school and out-of-school meetings, help plan, advertise and work fundraisers, and participate at the Relay for Life event in May. In addition, Relay members are encouraged to raise individual money goals for the American Cancer Society.

Along with 7th grade members, Relay retains 8th grade group leaders to assist with the club's efforts. These 8th graders must have been part of the 7th grade team last year and will help lead the new team.

This is a big responsibility for students, but the rewards are incredible. If you are passionate about stomping out cancer and want to work hard towards a goal of a cancer-free world, then this club is for you. Students who are interested will be asked to answer several questions and attach a 1 page essay explaining why they want to be in Relay for Life and how they intend on contributing to the group.

Contact Mrs. Myers (586) 723-4281 with questions.  email: