Health Clinic

The Wyandot clinic services students with various health needs or concerns.  Some of the services we provide to students include diabetic care, asthma care, prescription dispensing, first aide, and more.  Our Health Aide is trained to handle many types of health needs.  The clinic follows all state and district guidelines in regards to medications and medical treatments for schools.  

Any student required to take prescription or non-prescription medication during the school day must do so through our clinic.  Students are not allowed to carry any type of drug with them or keep drugs in their locker.  Students who require medical treatments of any kind must also do so through our clinic.  

Our clinic complies with state law requiring notification to parents when a communicable condition, such as lice or pink eye, is suspected regarding a student.

Please direct your health related questions to our Health Aide, Roeena Riedel (586) 723-4209.