Anti-Bullying Programs

Wyandot Middle School takes the problem of bullying very seriously.  Staff is proactive in preventing bullying and acts quickly to stop it.  Wyandot has instituted several programs and tools for students and parents to properly deal with bullying issues.

Hero in the Hallway

Research tells us that one of the most effective ways to stop bullying is through peer pressure (as opposed to adult intervention).  Hero in the Hallway is an anti-bullying program that empowers students to stop bullying.  Students are taught how to recognize bullying and how to stop it on their own.  Students are also taught how to prevent others from being bullied. 

PBiS Program

Wyandot's PBiS program explicitly teaches students appropriate behavior during a school day.  This program is a reward-based behavior modification system with interventions in place for students who need more focused attention on behavior issues.  Click on our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support page to learn more.

Counselor Classroom Presentations

Wyandot's grade level counselors visit classrooms to give direct instruction on how to identify, deal with, and report bullying behaviors.  Counselors also meet with kids on a one-on-one basis to deal with bullying.

Harassment Forms

Sometimes students may feel harassed or bullied by other students in ways that make it hard to report to adults.  A dirty look, nasty text message, talking behind one's back, etc.  Harassment forms can be utilized in these instances to summarize negative behaviors so staff can better understand and deal with the problem.  Harassment forms can be found in the counselor's offices and in the main office. 

Wyandot Tip Line

For instances where a student or parent does not want to be identified when reporting a problem, the Wyandot tip line is available to leave anonymous messages for staff to deal with.  TIP LINE: (586) 723-4399