Need Food this Summer?

If you have a school-aged student in need of breakfast and lunch this summer, simply text “FOOD” to 877877 (or "comida" for a reply in Spanish) and receive a message back with a location closest to where they can get free summer meals.  I've tried it, and I promise it works!

Please share; even if you aren't in need, SOMEONE'S kids are. No child deserves to go hungry, ever. It is a nationwide program called NOKIDHUNGRY so please repost for all of the children who are struggling to get enough food.


Counseling Department Helpful Info During COVID-19 Break

You can still contact your grade level counselor in the area below.

Click below for Macomb County Community Mental Health information called "My Strength"




FREE adolescent telehealth counseling


Helpful information:

Social Emotional Learning Packet

Article & Videos: Helping Kids Who are Worried About the Coronavirus

YouTube Video on Coronavirus


Help Cards:

Break A Secret Card - Front Side
Break A Secret Card - Back Side

Safety Plan - Front Side
Safety Plan - Back Side


Recommendations from Macomb Intermediate School District to help Families



The Wyandot counselors work to help your child have a smooth and productive journey through middle school. Counselors are available to help students with conflict resolution, bullying/harassment issues, home/personal issues, making good choices, improving school performance and much more.  Counselors also keep track of student academic schedules and records. 

Macomb County Crisis Center- 586-307-9100

If students or parents are in need of emergency assistance, you should call the local police department (Clinton Township Police: 37985 Groesbeck Hwy, Clinton Township, MI 48036 · (586) 493-7800) or
Okay to Say

8-555-OK2SAY (855-565-2729)


Wyandot has one counselor assigned to each grade level:

Mrs. Sarah Thompson - 8th Grade Counselor
(586) 723-4250 - For Parent Contact with Counselor
Student Contact Click Here
Mrs. Thompson Virtual Office Hours on Wednesdays at 12:00PM on Schoology Conference App. 


Mrs. Caitlin Kelly - 7th Grade Counselor 
(586) 723-4240 - For Parent Contact with Counselor
Student Contact Click Here


Mr. Ryan Kline - 6th Grade Counselor 
(586) 723-4230 - For Parent Contact with Counselor 
Student Contact Click Here



The Essential Role of Middle School Counselors


Macomb County Community Mental Health Support