Wall of Fame 

The Hawk Wall of Fame is located in the strength and conditioning room at Wyandot Middle.

The purpose of this wall is to recognize elite student athletes who have excelled in THREE sports. No one-sport wonders here!

Coaches nominate athletes, then after much discussion, vote on Wall of Fame status for the nominated athletes. It takes a unanimous vote by the coaches to make the "wall".

Below is a list of the athletes who have been inducted into the Hawk Wall of Fame:

Debbie Jozefowicz (1982)

John Kocher (1982)

Shelly LeFlere (1983)

Dave Bell (1984)

Jim Miller (1985)

Ken Hall (1985)

Andrea LeFlere (1985)

Todd Borek (1985)

Carrie Kuhn (1988)

Pat Camus (1988)

Jennifer Dapra (1988)

Steve Bell (1988)

Matt Polisei (1992)

Scott D'Hondt (1992)

Julie Hetrick (1992)

Adam Polisei (1996)

Brett Pfefferman (1996)

Casey Cottrell (2000)

Rachel Sullivan (2001)

Kim Candela (2004)

Paul Kupke (2008)

Trent Jax (2008)

Constance Militello (2008)

Tiffany Misch (2009)

Lisa Lemm (2009)

Tyler Kulka (2011)

Patrick Briningstool (2012)

Stephan Claiborne (2012)

Stanley Williams (2012)

Reed Adams (2012)

J'may Simmons (2013)

Ryan Muller (2013)

Austin Fredrick (2014)

Kerrigan Johnson (2014) 

Joshua Kulka (2015)

Jacob Fredrick (2015)

Danaro Fulford (2015)

Natalie Harris (2015)

Alexa Garavaglia (2015)