Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades Information 

What are skilled trades?


  • Skilled trades are careers that require a specific knowledge, ability, and training.  These skills can be attained through college, technical school, or specialized training programs.  Skilled trades occupations provide an alternate to jobs that require 4+ years of college education.
  • Some examples include cosmetologist, automotive technician, carpenter, construction worker, plumber/pipe layer, cook/chef/baker, landscape architect, electrician, painter, millwright etc.

 What are apprenticeships?


  • An apprenticeship is a paid period of training that allows you to learn a certain set of skills.  Someone who is new to the field (an apprentice) learns the skills needed for a job by a master craftsman who is an expert in their field.  An apprenticeship requires at least 2,000 hours of on the job training and course work and usually takes between 3 and 4 years to complete.
  • Apprenticeship programs offer work and training possibilities in the skilled trades. Macomb Community College and Trade Unions are good resources to find apprenticeship opportunities.

What are the benefits of going these routes?


  • jobs are in high-demand
  • earn money while training
  • gain improved skills and competencies
  • earn higher wages as skills increase
  • less schooling/debt than a 4-year degree

‚ÄčHow can I find opportunities for skilled trades and apprenticeship programs?


You must be willing to put in some research time to find these opportunities.  Below are some helpful websites to assist you in that process.


  • Find union opportunities for registered apprenticeships by contacting unions directly: Click Here
  • Search for registered apprenticeship opportunities in Michigan: Click Here
  • Find schools and training programs for skilled trades: Click Here 
  • Access resources for apprenticeships and education/training for skilled trades: Click Here 
  • Find opportunities for training related to construction occupations: Click Here 
  • Learn about skilled trades jobs and search for open positions in Michigan: Click Here 
  • Detroit at Work Scholarship Program: Click Here 
  • Macomb Community College's Applied Technology and Skilled Trades Opportunities: Click Here