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Are YOU preparing yourself for college? There are things you can be doing during each of your high school years. Use this COLLEGE PREPARATORY CHECKLIST  to prepare yourself for admittance into that dream university!

It is a GREAT idea to visit campuses before committing to enrollment.  Seniors are allotted five “School Business” absences for the purpose of visiting college/university campuses.  Student is to request a signed document/letter with the college/university letterhead, documenting the date and time of the visit.  When the student returns to Dakota, they will turn that document into the attendance office.  NOTE: If the visit document is not on file, the student absence will not be documented as school business and will count towards the 10 (ten) absences allowed for the semester.


A campus visit will allow you to see the college, as well as learn specific information that will help you make an informed decision about the school. For the best ideas of what to cover while visiting a campus, use the CHECKLIST found here.


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