If students display one of the three R’s (respectful, responsible, ready), they may receive an Eagle Honor Ticket from a staff member.  Students use this in exchange for different rewards. Some of the rewards are as follows:

  • Different candy and food items displayed at lunch Wednesday through Friday every week. Items are worth varying quantities of Eagle Honor Tickets.
  • Raffle once a month for free pizza.  The winner gets three pizzas for their lunch table. Each raffle ticket is one Eagle Honor Ticket.
  • 15 tickets gives three students a chance to sit on stage on a couch to watch a volleyball or basketball game.  Students share a large pizza and 2 liter of pop.
  • 3 tickets can get you a bag of popcorn on Popcorn Tuesdays during lunch.
  • One ticket allows you to play Plinko (like Price is Right game).  Students have a chance to win different prizes listed at the bottom of the game with a couple of “sorry” spaces.