What is an Algonquin All Star?

At Algonquin Middle School, we celebrate positive behaviors and academic excellence of students which includes Student of the Month, the Effort Showcase, Honor Roll and Positive Behavior Support.

How about those students that are making an impact in our community outside of school hours?  The Algonquin All Star Program has been created to recognize and celebrate these students.

 Do you know a student that:

  •  Raises money for charity.
  • Volunteers at Gleaners, a soup kitchen or other community service organization.
  • Displayed quick thinking and/or swift action in an emergency situation. 

These are just a few examples but certainly there are more positive works that can be recognized!

If you know a student at Algonquin that deserves recognition, please fill out the Algonquin All Star form  and email it to  When a form is received, administrators will review it.  Selected students will be placed on the morning announcements and recognized on the All Star bulletin board in the school.  Each student will be asked if they are okay with their name and story being recognized publicly.

Algonquin All Star Form