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What do you need to do your classwork? What will help you in school (and out of school)? Try some of these web sites! I think you will like them!

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Dictionaries and Thesauri

Current Events

Pop Up Books




Citation Resources


Social Studies

History & Timelines

Atlases and Maps


RefeFence Web Sites:

Michigan eLibrary

The Library of Michigan web site with many resources; to access from home, you need to have your parent(s) use a drivers license number.

Encyclopedias, Atlases, Dictionaries, Thesauri (isn't that a cool word?)

Here it is: all the resources you need at your typing fingertips!

The Internet Public Library

Dorling-Kindersley e-Encyclopedia

Subject based guide to lots of information!


Dictionaries and Thesauri

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Need a definition? Need a word for the day? How about a daily word game?

Features Dr. Dictionary, who will answer your questions about words, grammar and language!

"provides the most comprehensive and authoritative portal . . . with links to 1800 dictionaries with more than 250 languages."

Wordsmyth: the Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus

A dictionary, thesaurus combined.

Lycos Rhyming Dictionary

Find rhymes, definitions, and more on this site!


Online dictionary of computer terms!

The Free Dictionary: online resource

Try it--you'll like it! 


Current Event Sites

Detroit News

Detroit News website

Macomb Daily

Macomb Daily website

Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press website


International Newspaper websites

Newsweek Magazine

Online version

Time Magazine

Online version

Michigan eLibrary: InfoTrac

Use driver's license number from home; automatic access from school


Links for Pop Up Books

Carter's Web Site

Excellent site contains movies, as well as patterns, on making pop ups!

Elements of a Pop Up

You can download a 56 page booklet on all different kinds of paper folding techniques. Look for the link to "Download a copy of pop up die drawings."

Joan Irvine: The Pop Up Lady

The Pop Up Lady gives a little help!




Review facts, play some games (that Concentration one is tough!), work on your math skills!

KidsZone: Create a Graph




Student Copyright information                         DMCA (Copyright issues that pertain to Intellectual property on the Internet)                                                     Plagiarism

History: Biographies


Fast Facts 2001



Quoteland Almanac: Biography (be careful, this one has pop ups!)

Classic Notes

FreeFotos for you to use--be sure to cite where they are from!

Acronym Finder

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Copyright for Students

The Library Spot

Cook's Thesaurus

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Visual Thesaurus

Clip Art Collections


Music Sites

Freeplay Music: for student use in school only, not for broadcasting outside of building or on the web

Royalty Free Music: Students may use in all projects if proper credit is given.

These resources can help you give credit to the books, magazines, people, newspapers, and Internet sites where you found your information. The district Language Arts Council had adopted the MLA format for citation.

Citation Resources

How to Write A Bibliography

MLA Examples for every resource.

Quick Cite

From Noodle Tools! Fill in the information!


Choose APA or MLA styles for your citations!

Online! Citation Styles

Various citation styles demonstrated.

Citing Internet Resources

From Classroom Connect.

Citation Guide for Print Materials

Grades 7 through 12.

Citation Guide for Grades 3 - 8

Enter information into the online form and print the results!

Citation Guide for Secondary

From an Oregon school district

Citation Guide for Grades 9 - 12

MLA, Chicago, Terabian, APA, CBE Citation Guides--a good tool to view; many colleges use other types of formats.

How to make a Bibliography

Internet Resources on Citing


Useful tips for citing material.



The Bug Guide

A resource for American and Canadian book identifiers!

Edheads: Activate your mind

"Edheads brings you high quality, free educational activities for your classroom" which include units on simple machines, virtual knee surgery, weather and more! Great site!


Social Studies

Need HELP with those states and capitols? Try this site:

Interactive map of the United States:

National Anthems and other Country Info

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History (60,000 primary documents from 1493 to now)

The National Atlas (printable maps--also, you can layer information on these maps!)


History and Timelines: 

World Almanac: U.S. History Timeline
A good example of what a good timeline should look like, plus information!

History Channel's History of the World
Choose "Select a Century" option. Then pick the decade and year--One of the best ones for the Timeliner project.

Fact Monster
Click on the correct decades!

InfoPlease Almanac
Click on Year by Year Chronology to find the years you need. Be careful with this one, there are too many pop ups!


Atlases and Maps

National Geographic Map Machine

Check out the world map with close ups of all the countries!

Sponsored by, this site contains many maps and other materials for students and teachers to use.

U.N. Maps

Over 100 general maps available in PDF format, categorized by Continental area.