How To Help Your Middle School Student Handle Stress

Acknowledge that it exists.

Empathizing with your child and letting them know you understand helps them ease up on stress. When you talk openly about your own stresses (be selective), children will be less hard on themselves for having negative feelings about stress.

Teach stress-reduction techniques.

Breathing techniques, body relaxation, mental imaging, and journaling help to reduce stress.

Don't let your stress get in the way.

Children who are under stress are likely to act out. They may talk back more, engage in arguments, and have an overall unpleasant demeanor. As adults, raising your voice or losing patience only adds to the tension.

Reach out for help.

Stress is compounded during times of grief or loss such as, that of a loved one or family pet.  Encourage your child to seek out his/her counselor for additional coping strategies.


- NMSA Middle E-Connections


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