Algonquin Volleyball Remind101

After cuts are made and the volleyball teams are finalized, all girls on the teams AND their parents need to sign up for the Algonquin volleyball Remind101. Mr. Trombley and Mr. Demaris will send important, time-sensitive information to this group. To sign up, click the link below or text @h74dk9 to 81010.

Fall Sports Picture Day Code

The fall sports picture day code to lookup and order pictures is EVT6P4KHS. Use the LifeTouch website to view the pictures and order them. The pictures should be up by 10/14/22.

After a student joins the football team or makes the cut to be on the volleyball team, there are additional steps that need to be completed.


1. Concussion Test- After making the team student-athletes need to complete their concussion testing if they have not completed one yet while attending Algonquin Middle School. If a student took a concussion test last school year for a sport, they do not have to take it again. 7th grade students, and 8th grade students who have not taken a concussion test for a sport through Algonquin must complete a concussion test. PLEASE NOTE: Students must use a mouse to complete their concussion test. A laptop touchpad is not allowed for completing the concussion testing. Click the link below for instructions on how to complete concussion testing.



2. Online Paperwork- Student-athletes and parents need to go to and go to the “Find a Program” section to search for Algonquin. This will bring you to a heading that says Chippewa Valley High School. Below that heading your will see “Algonquin Athletic Registration”. Click that to complete the paperwork for football/volleyball.

3. Payment- Student-athletes need to pay for participation in their sport through PaySchools Central. After the roster is finalized, a fee for the sport will be assigned to your child in PaySchools Central. Until then, you won't be able to pay for the sport so please be patient. Mr. Trombley will send a message through Remind101 when the fee has been assigned to everyone. There is a link with directions on how to complete the payment once it is assigned on each of the Algonquin athletic pages. The cost is based on whether students qualify for free/reduced lunch.

No free/reduced lunch- $100

Reduced Lunch- $50

Free Lunch- $25

Algonquin Volleyball Schedule 2022 (CLICK HERE)

***UPDATED AS OF 6/1/22 Version 1.0***

This webpage will be updated as soon as new information is confirmed by Mr. Trombley. This will be the most up to date source of information regarding sports.

There will be practice every weekday unless there is a game or Mr. Trombley cancels it. Mr. Trombley will send cancellations out through Remind101. Check toward the top of this page for instructions on how to join the Remind101 group.

To Complete All Volleyball Paperwork Click Here - ***These instructions say to use the website "" but that website no longer works. Please use ***

To Pay for Volleyball Click Here

Volleyball Coaches

Mr. Trombley - 7th Grade

Mr. Demaris - 8th Grade

Students must have physical on file in order to try out!