The following links can be used as resources for teachers in their classrooms. If you have a particular project with which you need help, please don't hesitate to ask for more information.

Rubric Maker from Tech4Learning

Rubric Maker from Scholastic

Rubrics from Teachnology

Online Tools and Resources for Teachers (includes rubrics, games, calendars, and more)

Plagiarism Checker

Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms


Economics Activities from Federal Reserve

Poetry Archive: Audio Recordnings

Core Democratic Values

Lesson Plans from MarcoPolo

Digital History Online!

Bingo Game

Former MEAP Tests from MI

U. S. Copyright Office

Copyright Do's and Don't's

Copyright: What you can and can't do

Links to Copyright Info


Looking for classroom help?

Check these websites for interactive student games, practice tests, activities, and more. Most sites were originally presented in magazines, such as neatoday or the ISTE website.

From Tennessee, wonderful site containing links to online curriculum support with categories arranged by grade levels. Voted one of ISTE's best!


Social Studies:

Declaration of Independence video

The Newseum (The Interactive Museum of News): Front pages of 500 daily newspapers and 300 Sunday papers from around the world

National Geographic Expeditions: Looking for maps of countries--anywhere in the world? With or without details? Up to date, so if the boundaries change, National Geographic keeps up!


Math Manipulatives




Miscellaneous Cool Links

Want a wiki:

Want a online flashcard wiki:

Lots of cool links from ALA!