For students....

How To Get Organized


  1. Understand your assignment
    1. If you have questions, ask the teacher
  2. Use your agenda daily
    1. Write down the homework for each class , every hour
    2. Keep track of due dates
    3. If you are forgetting your books, write which books you need in your agenda
  3. Keep your locker neat
    1. A neat locker will help you to be more organized and save time.
  4. Make time for homework at home.
    1. Establish a certain time each day and try to follow the routine.
    2. Find a quiet place to study
      1. If you are using the kitchen table, study before a parent gets home from work
      2. If there is a desk in your bedroom, then use this area to study.
  5. Break large projects into smaller ones.
    1. It makes the workload easier to manage.
    2. Study for a test several days in advance - continue to go over the information. This will help you remember the important concepts of the test.
  6. Prepare your supplies the night before.
    1. Check your agenda that all homework is complete
    2. Get your clothes and lunch (or lunch money) ready before you go to bed.
    3. Always set your book bag and homework in the same place at home. (Preferably by the door you leave out of in the morning).


For parents....

Learning to study is an important skill for success in middle school. Here are some helpful suggestions to help your child:

  • Designate a quiet area in your home for the completion of homework.
  • Establish daily routines and allocate time for studying/homework
  • Require that your child bring home their completed agenda daily. Spend time reviewing the day's assignments together.
  • Keep in contact with your child's teachers through homework hotlines, classroom web pages and the agenda.