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All visitors must report to the main office regardless of the time of day. Please enter the building through door #1 and have your id ready. You will be asked the reason for your visit. Never allow someone to enter with you unless they have been questioned as well. Thank you for your assistance!


Please read the letter below from Mr. Ed Skiba, Assistant Superintendant for Chippewa Valley Schools, explaining the district policy on Vaping.

Vaping parent letter 2018


When your child is absent or will be late, please let us know before 9:15am by calling our 24-hour attendance line and leaving a message at 586-723-3599.  Report student name, grade and reason for absence.  If you do not report the absence, you will receive a call at 9:30am asking you to contact the school.  Please do not leave homework requests on the attendance line - call the main office instead at 586-723-3500.  

Michigan Law requires that all students between the ages of 6 to 16 attend school on a regular basis - this is defined by the courts as meaning every day, on time unless excused for medical reasons acceptable to the school.  The number of minutes and days school is in session are mandated by the state.  We are obligated to monitor and enforce student attendance and timeliness.  Students accumulating excessive tardies and absences will be subject to disciplinary action and extreme cases may be referred to the Macomb County Truancy Office.   

Absences, early dismissals or late arrivals due to appointments should be avoided whenever possible. Please make every effort to schedule appointments after school, on days off or during breaks.  Click here for our school calendar showing all scheduled days off, half days and early dismissal days.

Students are expected to be here no later than 7:48am - the time of our first bell.  School begins at 7:58am and students should be in their seats and ready to begin class at that time and not just arriving to school.  Late arrivals mean lost instruction time, disruption to the entire classroom and a bad start to the day for the student.  

Parents, please make sure your child attends school regularly and arrives to school on time EVERY DAY!


Homework is the responsibility of the student.  Our staff is using a variety of tools to get information out to students and parents.  You will receive individual teacher information regarding their classroom procedures at our Curriculum Night on Wednesday, September 4th at 7pm and students will also receive information on how to do this as well during the first week of classes.  The office does not gather homework for students because all students and parents will have access!


The main office must have a record of all medications in the building - even cough drops.  Forms are available in the office or at the links below.  Prescription Medications require a physician's signature and input as well.  Inhalers can remain with students but we need the Self-Possession Medication Form.

All prescription medications must be in the pharmacy bottle and indicate the dosage time at school.  Most pharmacies will do 2 separate bottles - one with the home dosing time and one for the school upon your request.  

Non-Prescription Medications cannot be shared by siblings unless we have a form for each child.   Prescription Medications can never be shared - including inhalers.



Keeping up with all of the activities a student has can be daunting.  At Algonquin Middle School, we strive to make this as easy as possible in a variety of ways:

  • Newsletter - Our newsletter will be published quarterly and includes the upcoming activity calendar and other key items.  
  • Web Site - Our website is filled with important information with regards to Algonquins events, calendar, policies, staff contact information and many other topics.  It is updated frequently and we hope that all parents check it frequently. SPOTLIGHTS are items we don't want parents to have to search for - they scroll but if you wish to see them all at once, click on 'View All' at the bottom of the column.  To access the HOME PAGE at any time, click on the Eagle Head on the top left of the page next to the school name.  
  • School Messenger - This is our parent email and voicemail message system. We will send weekly email updates about events at Algonquin.  You will continue to receive these as long as we have a current email address for you on file - Please update your information via the ParentPortal if you haven't received messages or click here  for assistance.
  • Parent Portal - Parents need to establish their own account to access student grades, attendance and contact information.   Students do not receive Progress reports - you are able to access live information at any time via the Portal!  Click here  for assistance.  Click here  to access the login page.
  • Report Cards - These will be sent home at the end of the first, second and third card markings.  The final report card of the year is mailed home.  Report cards sent home should arrive in a manila envelope.  This envelope requires your signature each time it comes home and must be returned to school the following day - your signature assures us that you have received and reviewed it.



Algonquin students will have lunch in our dining room at the following times:

  • Grade 8 - 11:08am -11:36am
  • Grade 6 - 11:36am - 12:06pm
  • Grade 7 - 12:08pm - 12:36pm

Students who are purchasing lunch or snack items are required to bring their ID with them to the lunch room - those who come to the lunchroom without their student ID  will be asked to move to the end of the lunch line.  This will allow the lunch line to move more efficiently - all students will receive their food, but those that come unprepared, will have to wait a little longer.  


Students are supervised by staff members and all students are expected to follow the guidelines below or they may lose the privilege of dining with their friends:

  • Be on time
  • Be courteous
  • Be respectful of yourself and others
  • Remain seated in your assigned seat unless you are buying food or disposing of trash 
  • Keep their area clean including the table and surrounding floor area
  • If time permits, they are encouraged to work on homework.  Appropriate card games or table games are permitted (of course, no gambling is allowed)
  • Not leave the lunchroom without permission.  If you absolutely must leave, you must obtain a pass from the lunch monitor
  • Must follow instructions for dismissal - this will be done by the lunch monitors
  • Follow all rules as listed in the Student Code of Conduct book.

If student does not follow the rules above or is uncooperative, they may receive communication home or be referred to the office for discipline.  



Please observe the following protocol when your have a question or concern:

  • Step 1 - Questions or concerns regarding instructional practices in the classroom should first be directed to the classroom teacher.   You may reach them via email or phone - click here  for the staff directory. 
  • Step 2 - If more information is needed or you still have questions or concerns, please contact our Assistant Principal Mr. Nelson or your child's counselor.  Ms. Gandini is our counselor for students with last names beginning with A - K and Mrs. McDougall assists those with last names beginning with L - Z. 
  • Step 3 - If additional information is needed or concerns have not been resolved, please call to schedule an appointment with Mr. Kozlowski our Principal.
  • Step 4 - If further information is needed or if questions or concerns are not resolved at the building level, contact can be made with the Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Ed Skiba, at 586-723-2000.


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