What happens if a student sees the Student Assistance Specialist?

  • When a student is referred, the Student Assistance Specialist will coordinate with the student's guidance counselor, school staff, administration  guardians as appropriate.
  • The Student Assistance Specialist will met with the student and assess potential needs.  


Here are some of the possible outcomes  after meeting with the Student Assistance Specialist:

  • Referral to outside community agencies
  • Offered education
  • Support group
  • Determined to be seen individually for a few meetings
  • Student Assistance Specialist and guardian discussion about resources available 


What if the student is referred because of suspension, detention or other problem behaviors?

  • Once Student Assistance is notified of a recent suspension,  the student will be seen upon their  return to school.   The student will be provided some educational materials and screening to determine if there are services that the Student Assistance Program can provide.  
  • Based on the screening, the student may be recommended to participate in group or individual sessions.  
  • If the suspension is due to substance use concerns, a recommendation may be made to a community resource,  the chemical awareness  group and/or other educational programs.