A message from your Principal, Mr. Robert Williams

A Message from Mr. Williams

      Welcome to the start of an exciting new year as our freshmen embark upon a new beginning.   The staff at Chippewa Valley High’s Ninth Grade Center has already set the bar of excellence high for our students and have eagerly prepared for their intellectual advancement, which has been taking place this year.  The teachers have received cross-curricular training in sundry areas such as teaching reading, writing, mathematics, and science.  Our entire Ninth Grade Center staff has even received professional training on how to develop the leader that inherently dwells within our students.  Without a doubt, the staff at the Ninth Grade Center is holistically preparing our students for a future abounding in possibilities.

      In preparation of this bright future, the hard work began upon arrival.  At the Ninth Grade Center, the staff has been working diligently to foster a positive, unified community of diverse learners where our students take “pride in ownership.”  This pride means that immediately upon writing their names on an assignment, students give their best effort, regardless of whether or not the assignment is graded, or a grade is added to their transcripts.  The students, however, understand that information added to their transcripts is very important.

      At the Ninth Grade Center, students are constantly reminded that their academic prowess and their potential for success in higher learning and other skilled areas of focus is not an isolated event.  Our students understand that higher institutions and career-technical organizations look at their entire high school career and not just one single year.  Our students are expected to achieve academically in the ninth grade and carry those same performance skills throughout the rest of their time in high school and beyond.  Accordingly, the staff at the Ninth Grade Center has cultivated a laser-like focus that helps motivate and equip our learners to succeed.

      The success of our students is not limited to academic achievement.  Within the Ninth Grade Center, the staff continues to assist the students in attaining positive behavioral growth.  One such method used is positive reciprocity.  The contagious, enthusiastic energy that our staff exhibits is expected to be mirrored by the students.  Because the Ninth Grade Center consists primarily of one age group, the students can sometimes exude similar behaviors (good or bad) that have the potential to become the norm.  As a result of this fact, our staff works daily to expand the students’ social boundaries, giving them the tools needed to interact appropriately and make good decisions as they progress to Chippewa Valley’s larger main building, which is a place that exposes them to a wider range of important daily choices and students who are more mature.

      Our Ninth Grade Center definitely serves as a connective bridge to Chippewa Valley High School’s main building.  While providing an environment that is as small as possible, the staff thrives to academically and socially prepare our students for their impending years in high school and beyond.  As we progress throughout the year, we are confident that our students will have the tools to be successful, and with the continued support of our wonderful parents and guardians, our students will use those tools in order to maximize achievement.  Let’s go, Big Reds!! 


Robert Williams
Chippewa Valley NGC