A message from your Principal, Ms. Diane Zatkoff

            Welcome, Class of 2022!  The Chippewa Valley Ninth Grade Center is ready to encourage your class to walk across the stage June 2022.  It will be extremely exciting to see this class follow through on their commitment.  During the “trials and tribulations” of a new school, the Ninth Grade Center has proven to be extremely successful.  Freshman year can be a trying time.  Teens are at a difficult age.  They are on the bridge between childhood and young adulthood.  Relationships are changing, bodies are maturing and hormones are in overdrive.  Parents sometimes become less involved in overseeing homework just as teens are being given greater responsibility in school.  As students are leaving their middle schools, many experience a larger, more impersonal more competitive and grade-oriented environment than they experienced the last three years.

            With that being said, the Ninth Grade Center is a transition program designed to help students make the dramatic change from middle school to high school.  We are still a 9-12 high school with the benefit of being able to house the ninth grade students in their own building.

            Typically, the first year of high school – Ninth Grade - comes at the end of what are widely considered kids’ most vulnerable years.  Between jocks, bullies, squirts, and geeks, these middle years present some of life’s first real chances for average kids to fail.  Students experience a greater diversity of teachers and peers, and they have more choices to make in their curricular and extracurricular activities.  Also, schools see many young adolescents’ grades drop, and they do not attend school as regularly as they did.  Students also develop a more negative view of themselves and feel an increased need for peer friendships.  Once these youngsters make the transition to the Ninth Grade Center, our goal is to get them involved in extracurricular activities and present ways to study and manage time that will lead to academic success as well as personal growth.

            Our goal this year is to have the incoming ninth grade students prepared and ready to handle the rigors of the emotional and academic life of a high school student at the Main Building.  With help from parents and guardians, our staff will work hand in hand to make sure that each student has the opportunity to become successful.  It doesn’t come easy; a lot of hard work by everyone is needed to tackle our every changing global life.

            Please participate at the Coffee with the Principal each month, your comments, suggestions and ideas are more than welcome.  We hope that your child and you have a memorable, enjoyable, and successful ninth grade year.  Remember the following:  “Chippewa Valley is a school where EVERY student learns EVERY day. We strive to be a school where every teacher is a leader, every leader a teacher, and every student a success!”

Success is the only option!

Diane Zatkoff

Chippewa Valley High School
Phone: 586-723-3100