Parking Passes and Painted Parking

Beginning on August 8, juniors may purchase a parking pass and seniors may purchase a parking pass AND a painted parking permit for the 2022-2023 school year. Painted parking is optional. 

To purchase, click here and follow the directions. Purchases cannot be made until August 8. 

Your student ID is the Access Code.

Painted Parking Rules and Locations. (row added - 8-29-22)

Parking Rules and Information.


Parking and Drop-Off Map

Guide for where to park and where to drop off students.

In order to encourage the safest and most efficient student drop-off, please do the following:

Have your student exit the vehicle as soon as you are at the sidewalk. The line will move much more quickly if students exit all along the sidewalk instead of waiting to be directly in front of the A door. 

Also, if the main loop is crowded, consider utilizing the West Lot (Student Lot) for drop-off. If doing this, pull toward the back of the lot, turn toward the circle, and drop at the sidewalk. (See the guide above). 

Remember that 2500 students are arriving between 6:30 and 7:15. Please be patient and make safety a priority.