The STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM provides group and individual intervention services to students who:

  • Are using tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and/or other drugs. 
  • Have concerns about the substance use of another person who is significant in their life. 
  • Are having difficulty with anger, stress, grief and loss, or, they are in a period of transisiton (ie, divorce, recent move, etc). These issues increase the risk  of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and /or other drug use. 


Students are offered an opportunity to participate in an educational support group that provides factual information about the consequences of drug use; offers support in making healthy choices; and teaches important life skills. Groups meet for an hour once a week, or once every other week, during the school day. The hours are rotated so that participants can keep up with their classwork. Groups are listed below:

  • Insight - for those struggling with life issues such as friendships, goal setting, etc.
  • Concerned Persons - for students who have issues related to the alcohol or drug use of a loved one.
  • Vape/Smoking Cessation - for those looking to quit smoking/vaping.
  • Chemical Awareness - for teens struggling with drug or alcohol use.
  • Anger Management- for students who have difficulty handling anger.
  • Grief & Loss - for students who are experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one.
  • Stress and Anxiety- for students who are having difficulty coping.
  • **MAIN BUILDING STUDENTS ONLY** Talk About it Tuesdays - Meet one time per month during your lunch hour in the Community Room (147) and discuss various topics. Bring your lunch.  Limited to 25 students per lunch hour.  Dates for 2018-2019 are: 9-25, 10-23, 11-20, 12-18, 1-22, 2-12, 3-19, 4-16, 5-28.

Main Building Group Registration:  https://www.surveymonkey,com/r/YRM6MZG

Ninth Grade Group Registration:

Students may refer themselves for services, or referrals can be made by a parent, sibling, friend, teacher, counselor, hall monitor or administrator. Basically, anyone with a concern may refer.

Parents who are concerned that their teen may have substance-related issues are encouraged to contact the Student Assistance Specialist,

Main Building: Mrs. Amanda Locke, MA, LLPC. at or 586-723-2561

Ninth Grade Center: Virginia Adams, MA, LPC at or 586-723-3151

Students who want to talk about a concern may contact Student Assistance via email or phone, stop by the Student Assistance Center during the school day; ask a counselor or teacher to contact the Student Assistance Center for them; or simply leave a note under the door of the Student Assistance Center if the specialist is out of the building. The Student Assistance Center is in Room 161 at Chippewa Valley High School Main Building, and located within the Media Center at the 9th Grade Center.


Parents and Caregivers:  for helpful websites and counseling resources click on Student Assistance Resources.

Students: Check out the Student Assistance Resources page and click on Resources for Teens!

Please be patient as we update our webpage to assist you.

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