The Chippewa Valley High School Commencement Ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 9, 2024 at 10:00 AM in our stadium. 


Commencement Program


Lifetouch Photography will be taking our commencement photos again this year. You can sign up to view and purchase them online


Livestream Video of Commencement Ceremony:



  • See the parking and entrance location map.
  • The East, IAM, and CV9 Lots will accommodate most people. From those lots, entry is at the main stadium gates.
  • Additional parking is available in the North and West Lots. From there the walkway is between the tennis courts and the school building, with entry at the Southwest ticket booth.
  • Seniors may ride with parents or park in the West Lot.
  • There are handicap parking spaces in the East Lot along the sidewalk at the stadium entrance. Additionally, those who have reserved handicap seating may park in the Greenfield lot facing the baseball field. Students were issued handicap passes for those who signed up. Please have those ready to show to staff.
  • The gated section of the Greenfield Lot is reserved for board members, central office administration, and CVHS staff.


Entry and Seating

  • The stadium will open at 9:15 AM and the ceremony will begin promptly at 10:00 AM.
  • The stage will be located at the south end of the football field centered on the 10 yard line.
  • Seating is available in both the home and visitor bleachers on a first come, first served basis. There is handicap seating available in the front row of the home bleachers, which must be left available for wheel chairs and other guests needing handicap seating. Handicap seating will also be provided on benches on the track in front of the visitor bleachers for those reserving parking in the Greenfield Lot.
  • Those entering the stadium at the main gates, after checking in with their tickets, may proceed to the home or visitor bleachers.
  • Those entering at the Southwest entrance , after checking in with their tickets, should proceed to the visitor bleachers.
  • Except for those needing handicap seating on the visitor side, no one is allowed on the track or the field.
  • CVHS staff members and students will be taking tickets at the two gates and also available in the bleacher areas to help with seating. Guests may be asked to move away from the aisles toward the center of rows in order to maximize seating capacity. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


Student Check-In

  • Students will enter the Athletic Hallway at Door 32 and report to the auxiliary gym. Students may begin checking in at 9:00 and must be checked in by 9:30 AM.


Student Reminders

  • No decorated caps will be allowed
  • No extra regalia - only wear medals, stoles, and cords awarded by CVHS
  • It is suggested to not wear heels in order to avoid difficulty walking on the stage and the turf
  • There will not be a place to store phones, purses, wallets etc. 
  • Diplomas will be picked up after the ceremony - graduates only
  • This is a special day - act appropriately - respect yourself, your classmates, staff, parents, grandparents…