Parent Involvement 

Dear Parent,

You are so important to your child's success in school and beyond. Here are some key ways to be an active participant in your child's education.

  • Use PowerSchool and SchoolMessenger
  • Use the agenda
  • Use teacher websites
  • Call or email with questions or concerns beginning with the teacher
  • Talk to your child about school and look at his or her work
  • Help your child to study for tests
  • Expect your child to read at home (for 20 minutes per day)
  • Ensure regular and on time attendance (which means 10 or fewer absences and tardies

Here is our curriculum. 

Here are some great resources from our district: Promoting Positive Parenting

Please monitor your child on social media:

Students are not allowed to text other students or use social media at school. It is very important that parents who allow their children to text and use social media monitor this use. Often students make bad decisions when texting or using social media. We encourage parents to contact the Macomb County Sheriff if their child is a victim of harassment through texting or social media. The school will not monitor this out of school behavior.

  • Students are not allowed to text other students or use social media at school.
  • Out of school use should be monitored by parents.
  • Out of school misconduct resulting from social media will not be addressed by the school and should be referred to the Macomb County Sheriff.

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

CAC is an opportunity for you and other parents to meet with the principal to share questions, concerns, and ideas and to keep informed about current issues in our school.  Meeting dates for 2023-2024 will be announced soon.  We look forward to seeing you there! Contact Mrs. Pirog with any questions at