Chippewa Valley Students participate in NWEA testing twice per year. One way that reading scores are reported is as a Lexile. The Lexile Framework matches reading ability with text difficulty.  

We want students to know their Lexile levels, know the level they should be at in order to be considered College and Career Ready (CCR), and to read in order to improve their reading ability and their Lexile level. Click here to see the CCR Lexile target ranges: Know Your Lexile

For more information on Lexiles go to:

Students can use their Lexile level to find the right book for them:

How many Seneca students are below the CCR Lexile level as of the spring NWEA test?

6th grade: 239/449 = 53%

7th grade: 279/482 = 58%

8th grade: 182/436 = 42%

Let's improve this!

Accept the 100 Day Reading Challenge: Read at home for at least 20 minutes per day for 100 days and see your reading level improve. Click here for a reading log that you can use to set and track reading goals at home: Read to Achieve Reading Log

November 21 - February 28 = 100 days

November 21 - June 8 = 200 days