Seneca Middle School students will be educated and challenged using the state standards of all subject areas in a safe and nurturing environment focused on love, purpose, and learning.


Seneca Middle School puts kids first by providing a well-rounded education.  Seneca students have access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities and a strong exploratory program with a variety of class offerings.  Seneca provides learning experiences that are an extension of the classroom.  Seneca fosters student success by providing support staff and remedial help for struggling students. 

Children want to come to Seneca because it is a place where they feel comfortable and where they know people are friendly and care about them.  Seneca administers to the entire child, body, mind, and spirit.

Much is expected of teachers and Seneca teachers work hard to live up to those expectations.  They have high expectations for students and deliver quality instruction.  Seneca teachers have a desire to learn and stay up-to-date with best-practice teaching methods.  They utilize a variety of teaching methods, including the appropriate use of instructional technology.  They individualize instruction to meet the needs of all kids.  They challenge students to reach their full potential.  They care and want all kids to succeed.  They communicate, brainstorm, and work together to continuously improve. 

Seneca teachers focus instruction on our state content expectations and standards.  Seneca teachers are provided with teacher development training, time, and current materials to successfully teach these content expectations and standards.  Integration of these expectations occurs across the curriculum. 

Seneca staff consistently meets with parents to brainstorm how to improve, expand, or continue a positive learning environment.  Seneca also utilizes parent expertise, encouraging parents to visit and speak to demonstrate a link between what is learned in school and its relationship to the real world.  Seneca keeps parents informed regarding academic progress and classroom activities through email, websites, notes, newsletters, etc.

An administrator is a vital part of a school.  Seneca’s administrators communicate our vision clearly to all staff and students.  Seneca’s administrators are flexible, empathetic, and able to make a decision that is best for the climate of the school.  Seneca administrator’s set clear expectations for students with tight discipline and consistent consequences.  Seneca’s administrators have excellent rapport with staff students, parents, and community.


Seneca Middle School believes in …

… Providing a well-rounded education.

… Administering to the whole child, body, mind, and spirit.

… Providing a safe, friendly, and caring environment where students are comfortable and know that people care about them.

… Having high expectations for both teachers and students.

… Focusing instruction on state content expectations and standards.

… The importance of communication with parents and parent involvement.

… The need for administrators to communicate a vision to staff and students, while being flexible, empathetic, and making decisions that are best for the climate of the school.