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Welcome to Ojibwa Elementary School!

When I think back on the beginning of every school year from my childhood, into my teaching career, and now as a principal I clearly recall the excitement that accompanies the start of a new school year. Well, this year "new" has a unexpected addition to it's definition. The additional definition of new referring to the beginning of the school year, but also the learning environment our students are going to be engaging in. 

On Tuesday, September 8th, we will embark on a new chapter of public education at Ojibwa Elementary School and in Chippewa Valley Schools. With that said, I would like to use this welcome back message to offer some certainty as we take the first steps in our virtual education journey.

Certainty 1:
Our staff is dedicated to our students, our community, one another, and their professional responsibilities as educators. This summer our staff has taken on professional development in how to better educate students in a virtual setting, have participated in planning committees for the upcoming school year, have learned how to utilize the new technology upgrades we have in our building, and have committed to not only educating our children, but have committed to continuing to build upon our community! Our staff is ready to jump into virtual learning, and I know they are eager to see your children in this setting.

Certainty 2:
Our staff is prepared to educate your child both live and in recorded sessions. Learning from our experience in the Spring, we have developed a plan to provide instruction via Schoology and Microsoft Teams that will deliver the rigor and structure our students require to be successful learners. While all of us are new to virtual learning, our staff's combined educational expertise will enable us to focus on what is most essential for our students in providing for a well rounded educational experience. 

Certainty 3:
There will be setbacks. I say this because I know setbacks provide us the lessons we most learn from. While we have had training, and have tested our network's ability to sustain the virtual model, setbacks will occur. I encourage all of us to offer grace during the onset of our virtual school year, because it may not be perfect day one. But it will improve everyday! Our staff is committed to modeling a growth mindset for our students and will learn daily from the successes and setbacks they experience in trying to provide an education virtually. Please, allow them the opportunity to grow alongside you in this process, and work alongside them as they create an exceptional learning environment for your children.

Certainty 4:
Our community is strongest when we are working together towards the same goals. We must communicate with one another, share our successes and hardships, ask for support, and above all keep our children at the center! Our children are looking to all of us (teachers, parents, principals, etc) for a model on how to react to this new environment. If we work together throughout this process and lean on one another, I am confident we will succeed. I know our community is strong, because I see it daily! Please continue to support our staff at Ojibwa and continue to hold us to the high expectations we have met previously! We know we can live up to them, but know it has always been achieved because of your support!

On Tuesday, September 8th, while not face to face, we begin this journey together. I am so proud of our staff and their preparation for this year, and sincerely look forward to our children reconnecting with their Ojibwa Family.

"I think I am quite ready for another adventure." J.R.R Tolkien

Mr. Kondziolka



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