Media Center

Welcome to Ojibwa's Media Center!

All students come to the library once a week with their class to check out books and have story time. Students in grades K-2 are allowed to check out one book each week.  Students in grades 3-5 are allowed to check out two books per week. All books are due one week from the date of check out.  

Click the following link to access an the online library search: Online Library Search

Fines are not charged for overdue or late materials. Students are not allowed to check out another book if they have overdue books on their accounts. When the books are returned, or paid for if lost, the student can resume checking out books. Books that are overdue for two months will be considered lost and the student will be asked to pay for those items. The charge will be the price of the book(s). Books that are damaged will be assessed a fine. Books fines can be paid for using PaySchool Central. Click the following link to view more information about PaySchools Central: PaySchools Central


Bookmark Collection

The Media Center is collecting fronts of Christmas, birthday cards, etc. These will be made into bookmarks that the students can choose in the Media Center. When the cards are cut up, they are like a puzzle piece. The students love to choose their bookmarks and see what part of the puzzle they have. This activity also supports our Michigan Green School status as we are reusing the cards. Card donations can be sent to the Media Center.