On a daily basis, each student will attend one of the following specials classes: Art, Physical Education, Music, and Science. Throughout the week all students will experience each of the four classes. Please see below for descriptions of each class.


Students are provided with a hands-on experience within the subject of art. The content covered includes drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and textiles. During Art class, students will do the following:

  • Learn to use a variety of artist’s tools
  • Learn about safety in the art room
  • Learn to think creatively and critically when talking about art
  • Make connections among concepts, processes and content learned in art and other subjects
  • Learn about the history of art
  • Learn about and recognize great works of art
  • Learn to form and express opinions about their art and the art of others, using art vocabulary

Physical Education: 

Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Primary consideration is given to developing motor skills and fitness at an introductory level. Emphasis at this level will be placed on movement education, cooperative games and fitness.

2nd and 3rd Grade: At this level, students will work on refinement of motor skills, with emphasis on group play, fitness, and game-type activities. Also, at this level, skill patterns are introduced to provide transition to activities taught at the intermediate level. 

4th and 5th Grade: At this level, the focus is on specialized skills and sports activities, with an emphasis placed on quality of movement and correctness of skill patterns. Also, at this level, a measure of time is set aside for individual and team sports.


Students are provided with a hands-on experience within the subject of music. During Music class, students will do the following:

  • Learn to perform using voices and instruments
  • Learn to think creatively and critically when talking about music
  • Multicultural experiences learning music from other countries and regions
  • Learn about the history of music
  • Learn about and recognize different pieces of music and instruments


Science specials is all about the Engineering Design Process and coding! Students learn the importance of making a plan, creating their design, and most importantly improving their ideas as they complete each engineering challenge. Some of our engineer design challenges include: racing boats, building strong bridges, creating the tallest towers, testing all different types of rockets and so much more! We have so much fun with these hands-on challenges!

Coding is also part of each year in science specials. We begin with Code and Go mice where students program the mouse to follow a maze to get to the cheese. Then we move on to Ozobots. Students code the Ozobots to follow paths and different commands with markers and paper and with iPad apps. We also use Dashbots that students control through the iPad and students can tell the Dashbots what to say. In addition, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students program NXT robots to complete different tasks.

Our Classroom creatures are a bonus! We have a leopard gecko, named Lizzy, a painted turtle, named Franklin, tree frogs, preying mantises, and our fish pond. I am so lucky to teach our wonderful students at Ojibwa!