The media center at Iroquois Middle School is available for students to visit from 8:00AM to 3:00PM Monday - Friday. You may visit the library with a pass, with your class, or during passing time. You may NOT come to the library during your lunch.


When you check out a library book, you will need your student ID card.  Books will be checked out to you for two weeks.  If you are not done with the book, you can stop by the media center and renew the book.

Do not use your Iroquois ID Card to check out materials for a friend. Every student has been assigned their individual barcode number in the circulation computer and has been issued an Iroquois ID Card. If the book is lost you will be responsible for the lost book fines.


When you are done with your book, you can drop it of in the Book Return slot in the circulation desk at any time during the school day.  It is considerate to return books when you are finished with them before the due dates so that other students are able to check them out.


Computerized overdue notices are delivered to your ELA teachers every Tuesday.  You are expected to return overdue books as soon as possible after receiving notification.  Since there are no overdue fines, you may not check out another book until you have settled your account.  There will be fines associated with Lost or Damaged books.


Students are expected to follow these rules when in the media center:

Remember that the media center is a quiet place for students to work. The type of work may be any of the following: homework, research for a report, computer work or selecting and reading a book. It is not intended to be a place for socializing. Be considerate of the people around you.  Always clean up after yourself.  DO NOT leave papers on the ground or on the tables.  DO NOT write on tables or computers. Please use the garbage cans provided.

There is NO FOOD, DRINKS, CANDY, or GUM allowed in the media center. Please restrict all food and drinks to the cafeteria.

When using the media center computers, always remember to exit the program you were using and log off the computer so it is ready for the next person. It is important to log off the network system so another person does not use your account. Failure to log off the network is a violation of the AUP for Computer Usage and may result in restriction of your account. If you are the last student to use the computer during the class period, please also shut down the computer system after you have logged off.

If using the computer printers, remember to recycle all paper printouts when they are no longer needed. 

If you have difficulty using a computer, ask for help from your teacher rather than risk damage to it.