Iroquois Middle School Athletics



7th & 8th grade boys and girls track begins on Monday, April 19th at 3:15pm. Meet at the Athletic Entrance. Track is a no-cut sport. Everyone makes it. If you have played or tried out for a sport this season, you're all set. If you haven't, make sure you have a physical to turn in at practice on the first day. Have warm clothing ready in case we go outside. Also have shorts and a t-shirt. Practice will run until 4:45pm


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Click here for the Athletic Code of Conduct
Click here for the Physical Form
Click here for the Transportation Form
Click here for the PaySchools Site
Click here for the CVS COVID-19 Waiver for Participating in Athletics form
Click here for the Health Questionnaire (last year physical on file)


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Lanse Creuse East Middle School, Click here
Lanse Creuse North Middle School, Click here
Lanse Creuse Central Middle School, Click here
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1) Is my current physical good for next school year?  Physicals for the 2018-2019 are only good if they are dated after April 15th, 2018.  If they are dated before that, you will need to obtain another physical to be eligible to participate.  Lakeside Urgent Care is the best place to go to get a physical without an appointment.  They charge $20 to get one and you're usually out pretty quick.

2) What is the cost to play? The cost is $100 per sport.  We have a brand new way to pay online this year.  The fees can be paid online by clicking here to access the NEW PaySchools Central website.  Financial Aid can also be accessed here as well for students that receive free or reduced lunch. Click here for a helpful tutorial on setting up your new account.

3) How do I access the physical form? Click here to print it.
4) How can I access the athletic code of conduct? Click here to print it.

5) How do I know when my sport starts? Click on the link to the various sports.  Each sport has an announcement section where important information is stored as well as phone numbers and email links to contact the coaches. Football & Volleyball are in the beginning of the year and run from September to late October/Early November. Boys basketball runs from November to January. Girls Basketball runs from January to March. Track runs from April to May.

6) IMPACT Concussion Testing is a test done to have athletes establish a baseline brain test to measure certain variables.  This test is used when an athlete is healing from a concussion to see if their reactions and other brain skills have returned to normal.  Each athlete will be required by the M.H.S.A.A. to take this test during their season.  An athlete only takes it once during the entire year.  For more information, click here.

Iroquois Athletic Coordinator

Mr. Jeff Vitale
Phone: 586-723-3807