Library Books


Students attend Library once a week, where they are able to check out a book.              

Borrowed books must be returned by the following week.

Students will not be allowed to check out another book until their last book has been returned. 

For information on how to pay for, or replace, lost or damaged books, please contact Mrs. Bidigare at 586-723-6020 or



Tech Solutions:

If you are having problems with the school laptops, Schoology, teams, or any other technical issues, please see below for possible solutions.

Schoology Link

When you select the link, use the student's number and password given to them.
EX: ID -
       Pass - WW44ww

Office 365

Provides students with online storage and Office Online. Families also have the ability to download Office programs at home for free.

Log in to Office 365

Download Office at Home for Free


Microsoft Teams

How to Join a Teams Meeting-Video

How to Join a Teams Meeting-PDF

Troubleshooting Issues Joining a Teams Meeting


Computer and Password Help

If you need password help, or if you need to return a checkout laptop, please contact Lindsey Bidigare.  Please do not arrive at a building for a computer swap without an appointment, our supply of spare computers is limited and we cannot guarantee we will have a device available if you have not made an appointment. 


Other Technology Issues

Need assistance with remote learning programs? Submit a ticket at

*If you receive a security alert, the page is secure. You can click on advanced options and proceed to the helpdesk site.

If you cannot log into the ticket system please email


Virtual Desktop

Allows students to access a generic CVS student desktop from home. This program will let students access their H drive files from home and use most district programs.

Directions to download and use the VMWare Virtual Desktop.


Still having problems? 

If you are still having problems, please feel free to contact Lindsey Bidigare at 586-723-6020 or at


If you are having an issue with your laptop or any of your school apps just scan the below QR code in order to submit a Student Help Desk Ticket so a technician can take care of your issue.


If you do not have QR capability, find the Student Help Desk Ticket on the school district website ( under Student Links


Qr code

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Contact Information:

Lindsey Bidigare, Media Clerk
Phone:  (586) 723-6020




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For anyone who would be interested in reading books online, if you have a Public Library Card, you are able to download the LIBBY app on an electronic device and download books.