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Mr. Bellomo, Principal

2018-19 School Year
Fox Families,
As the Principal of Fox Elementary, I am extremely excited to begin my fifth year with our Fox Family.  I am honored to work with such wonderful students, staff, and families.  Fox truly is a special place. 
Some of you may be new to our Fox family and many of you have been a part of our family for years.  Once at Fox, you will quickly realize that each team member, no matter their role, will be working to make this the most memorable school experience for your child that we can.  A school should feel as comfortable as a home.  A school should be a family.  At Fox, we are a family and the most important thing that we will do each day is build relationships with our students.  Your child will love being a part of the Fox family.  I truly believe that culture trumps strategy.  Each day, our Fox team we will go above and beyond to brighten someone’s day, work together, smile, and laugh.  Learning should be fun!
Throughout the year your child will engage in many different opportunities and experiences that will have a positive impact on their education.  Continue to remind your children that they can and will continue to succeed in the various subjects at school.  Remind your child to always try their best and celebrate even the smallest successes with them throughout the year.
As a parent, I can understand that we always want our child to shine the brightest, but what’s most important is instilling the mindset of hard work and effort into them.  Rather than competing with each other we should be seeking personal continuous improvement.  Having a growth mindset-knowing that we will face challenges but can always learn from them and improve, is far better than a fixed mindset in which we already have decided something is just too tough for us.  It’s the struggles and obstacles in life that make us tougher.  The Fox team will be partners in learning for our students.  Together we will work to help instill a Growth Mindset and a love for continuous learning and improvement.
The Fox staff and I look forward to helping your child grow both academically and socially throughout the year. 
Thank you for being a part of our Fox Family.
Mr. Bellomo


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Frank Bellomo

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