Fox Student Council

Fox Students are working hard at serving our community, country, and the world. We strive to make our school a wonderful place to learn and grow. The student council meets the second Tuesday of every month. The meetings begin at 3:20pm and go until 4:00pm. If you have questions regarding student council feel free to email Mrs. Sarvello at


It’s time to share a Valentine Gram with someone special!

A Valentine Gram is a unique card, with your personalized message, that has a small sweet treat attached. Everyone enjoys receiving Valentine Grams: students, friends, teachers, and staff! All Grams will delivered to the classrooms on Thursday, February 11.

The Valentine Gram are $1.00 per Gram. There is a drop box in the main office to collect the envelopes.

All of the money which is collected will be donated to support the good work of the liver transplant unit at Henry Ford Hospital. Mrs. Ida, our beloved and recently retired library clerk, is a liver transplant recipient.

Valentine Grams will be sold through Wednesday, February 10. Extra coupons will be available in the main office.

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Fox Student Council