From the Principal

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

At Seneca, our mission is...

love. purpose. learning.


LOVE:  In order for students to be truly engaged and successful in school, positive relationships must be developed among all members of our community, especially between each student and his or her classroom teachers.  If we treat each other with love, there will be a love of school and a love of learning. 

PURPOSE:  Why are we doing what we are doing?  Each day, each lesson, each activity should have a purpose.  Each lesson begins with a learning objective and that objective is developed based on our curriculum and the needs of our students.

LEARNING:  It is important that every student learns every day.  To do this our students should be actively engaged and challenged.  They should be given opportunities to read, write, think, collaborate, and solve problems.  Our focus on love, purpose, and learning will help your child to achieve at a high level and to have a great school year.

I am proud to be in my 11th year as Seneca's principal, proudly serving a great community of students, parents, teachers, and staff. 

Todd Distelrath

Todd Distelrath

Seneca Middle
Phone: 586-723-3900